About Us

Our History

In 1937, a group of Honolulu Police Officers got together to form a credit union to provide their Ohana, the officers’ and employees’ of the Honolulu Police Department, with cost effective financial services. That credit union was, the Honolulu Police Federal Credit Union.

Then in 2009, the Credit Union expanded its membership by adding the Kauai Police Department, Hawaii Police Department, Maui Police Department, and other organizations relating to law enforcement. As a result, the Credit Union changed its name to the Hawaii Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union to better reflect the diversity of its membership. The Credit Union logo was also changed. The new logo has two crossed paddles and a triangular flag. The paddles symbolize the Law of the Splintered Paddle or “Kanawai Mamalahoe,” a law decreed by Kamehameha I around 1782 to protect travelers from wanton attack. The triangular flag, or puwalu, represents a flag raised at sea above the sail of the chief’s canoe. Both the paddles and fan are on the royal Hawaiian coat of arms and the badge of the Honolulu Police Department.

Today, the Hawaii Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union continues to honor its expanded membership by providing a myriad of products and services that meet its Ohana’s needs.