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HLEFCU Cards App

Managing your HLEFCU Platinum MasterCard(s) and debit cards just got easier!  With the HLEFCU Cards App, you can now keep tabs on your credit and debit card account(s) and conduct a variety of tasks on the go:

  • DXMobilewebpage-(1).pngActivate your card
  • Check your balances
  • Control your transactions based on location*, merchant, category and spending limit
  • Customize which alerts to receive
  • Make payments
  • Report your card lost/stolen
  • Dispute a charge
  • Notify us when you travel

​​Never worry about not knowing what your available credit is, or even what to do if you lose your card again!  Our app is designed to not only make it easier to manage your card(s), but also give you piece of mind.  Download it today! 

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