View all of your accounts and transactions with any financial institution, wherever you are and whenever you like with MoneyMobile, the companion app to MoneyDesktop in Home Banking.
With MoneyMobile, you can:
  • view your account balances
  • review all of your transactions
  • track your spending by category
  • check your budgets with bubble 
As a companion app to MoneyDesktop, you'll need to signup for MoneyDesktop before you may access MoneyMobile.  To signup for MoneyDesktop, simply login to Home Banking, click the "Services" tab and select "MoneyDesktop."  Once you setup your account you may setup your moneymobile by clicking "settings" (the gear) in MoneyDesktop, then "Mobile Devices" and "Generate Access Code."  Once you have the code, simply open MoneyMobile on your mobile device and enter the code when asked for it.  

MoneyDesktop PFM - Intro Video from MX on Vimeo.

Download the MoneyMobile app, visit:

​​ App Store ​​ App Store